Lots of men see the harassment as a compliment, something that's part of men's behavior. To fight this disrespect and violence against women, Instituto Maria da Penha (IMP), published on sites with large male audiences, films that could not be skipped, paused or muted to make men experience what women go through when they are harassed on the streets. The campaign "Silence Harassment" was launched on sites such as GQ, ESPN, UOL CARS, amongst others.


Muchos hombres ven el acoso como un elogio, algo que es natural de su comportamiento. Para luchar contra esta falta de respeto y violencia contra las mujeres, el Instituto Maria da Penha (IMP) creó vídeos para que los hombres experimenten lo que las mujeres sufren en las calles con vídeos que no se pueden omitir, detener o silenciar. La campaña “Silence Harassment” se publicó en sitios con grandes audiencias masculinas, como GQ, ESPN y UOL CARS, entre otros.

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